G.E/Tungsram Biax TE 13w 830 4pin (PLT13/830/4PGE)

G.E/Tungsram Biax TE 13w 830 4pin (PLT13/830/4PGE)

  • Wattage 13w
  • Colour Temperature 3000k
  • Cap GX24Q-1
  • Dimension 106x45mm
  • Lumen 900lm

GE plt 13w 830 4pin Spec sheet

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Product information
Ultra compact energy saving CFL lamps with
triple-tube design give an ideal light source for
small fixtures and downlighters. Biax™ T lamps
allow more compact fixture designs with the same
lumen output as Biax™ D lamps. They can also be
used to deliver higher lumen output from existing
designs. The Biax™ T & T/E lamps are electrically
interchangeable with Biax™ D and D/E lamps.
They are available in 13, 18, 26, 32 and 42W. Light
output ranges between 900 and 3200 lumens.
Biax™ T/E lamps with a 4-pin electrical connection
and without an internal starter are designed for
high-frequency electronic ballasts. The use of
separate electronic ballasts makes them suitable
for almost every kind of energy supply: high and
low voltages, accumulators, batteries, solar cells
and systems that can be dimmed.
Triple biaxial tubes

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